# 210 Fields Avenue


Cabelo : Fab-U-Lous  - Kelsey Black
Óculos : Armidi Gisaci - Fi Umo Sunglasses Black Turtoise Black Lens
Brinco : Mandala - Gold Metal CHaraCHaraPolly White ( Mesh )
Make : Action - Aubergine Action Satin Lip Rouge Purple
Jaqueta : R.icielli - Trench Jacket ( Mesh )
Top : Vliet Shape - Lara Top Black
Sutiã : Domino Fashions - Black Lace Bra 

Bolsa : R.icielli - Yuse Bag Burugundy ( Mesh )
Saia : Gloxx Store - Skirt Olga  * Creator Nanaa Dinzeo
Bota : Gos - Storm Sandal in Black Leather

Skin : Jesylilo - Dan LightSkin J3
Óculos : Benjaminz - Rich4ever Shades Black ( Mesh )
Colar : Gabriel - Two Strand Necklace  Male
Terno : Gabriel - Rollup Casual Suit Blue ( Mesh )
Blusa : Gabriel - Tank Top
Relógio : Benjaminz - Mesh Hublot - Black ( Mesh )
Cinto : Gabriel -  Rollup Casual Suit Belt ( Mesh )
Sapato : Gabriel - Driving Shoes White ( Mesh )

Skin : Jesylilo - Limited Bazaar LightSkin * 2* BT
Cabelo : Elikatira - Daffodil Blonde 07 ( Mesh ) ( Sale )
Óculos : Maitreya - Maitreya Jackie O Sunglasses ( Mesh )
Brinco : Mandala - Pinecorn Earring Gold ( Mesh )
Coat : R.icielli - Coat Terracota ( Mesh )
Relógio : Glow  - Boyfriends Watch With Bracelets Gold ( Mesh ) ( TDR )
Bolsa :  Fleshtone - Azealia Mini Bag  Black
Sandália : Lethal - Lightning Bolt Pump Black

Land : Fields Avenue
Ouvindo :
                          Alicia Keys ft Beyonce - Put It In a Love Song
Ay yo B!
What up A?
What we want
Want them to say...
Say you love me, say you love me
Then put it in a love song (put it in a love song)
Say you need me, say you need me
Then write it in a letter form (oh oh oh)
Say you want me, say you want me
Then text me on my cell phone (Text me on my cell phone)
Say you love me, say you love me
Then put me in a love song (oh!)

If you say you want me
yea, you say you want me
If you do the right thing
we can be together.
I'm not easy,
Yea you gotta work for it
I'm the real thing
and babe you gotta please me

All That talkin, boy you betta walk it
All that frontin, thats not how you do it
If you really need me, like you say you need me
Baby betta show me,
Baby better come and say...

What you gonna do when somebody
convinces me to believe that he can do it better
Send me gifts and showin me the romance
All this, this and that, can you do better?

All I'm sayin, Love is what I'm lookin for
If you wanna keep me, Baby gotta love me more
If you really want me like you say you want me
If you really need me Baby better come and say...

Gotta work it baby, work it out!
If you want me baby, work it out!
If you need me baby, work it out!
Gotta work it out, gotta work it out!
If you love me baby, work it out!
Gotta work it baby, Gotta work it out!
If you want me baby, work it out!
Gotta work it out, gotta work it out!

If you want my love and all of my time
Part of my plans and part of my mind
All of the things that you wanna do
But make sure your love for me's true to you
If you show me baby believe
so many possibilities
oh we can love till infinity
If you wanna be with me

1,2,3, Go!

# 209 Mami Let Me Upgrade U


Cabelo : Wasabi Pills -  Hawk Mesh Hair Ash
Jaqueta : Lethal - Denim X Leather Jacket Grey
Colar :  Ryca - Necklace Personalized Gold F 8 Letters
Colar 2 :  Ryca - Neclace Vintage CC Gold 
Colar 3 : Benjaminz - Versace Inspired Chain Gold ( Mesh )
Relógio : Mandala - FormalHokusai Bracelet Gold ( Mesh ) 
Unha & Anel :Noya - Eclipse Golden Set 5 Rings ( Mesh ) 
Bracelete : Ryca - Bangle Cady Gold
Calça : Lethal - The Rio Trouser Black ( Mesh )
Tênis : 2Real -  Wings Shoes ( Mesh )

Chapéu : Gabriel - Black Hat
Barba : Sacred - 2.0 Chin Strap v1 - Darker
Colar : [ ef ]  - Ancient Aztec Culture Necklace  ( Mesh )
Colar 2 :  Ryca - Necklace #1 Gold
Colar 3 : Benjaminz - Versace Inspired Chain Black  ( Mesh )
Jaqueta : Gabriel - Leather Jacket & Vest Black
Relógio : Benjaminz - Mesh Hublot - Black  ( Mesh )
Calça & Cinto : Gabriel  - Leather Pants male

Cachorro :  Zooby's Pets - Rottweiller  9.0

Land : Tobacco Road 
Ouvindo :  

                              Beyoncé - Upgrade U

Yeah, B. Talk yo shhhhhh (Partna let me upgrade U)
How you gonna upgrade me?
What's higher than number one?
You know I used to beat that block.
Now I beeeeze the block (Partna let me upgrade U)
I hear you beat the block, but I'm the lights that keep
the streets on.
Noticed you the type that like to keep on a leash
I'm known to walk alone, but I'm alone for a reason.
Sending me a drink, aint appeasing. Believe me
Come harder this won't be easy.
Don't doubt yourself.
Trust me you need me.
This ain´t a shoulder wit a chip or an ego.
What you think they all mad at me for?
You need a real woman in your life
(That's a good look)
Taking care of home and still fly
(That's a good look)
And I'ma help you build up your account
(That's a good look, baby and a hood look)
Believe me
When you in them big meetings for the mills.
(That's a good look)
Take me just to compliment the deal
(That's a good look)
And anything you cop I split the bills
(That's a good look baby and a hood look)
Believe me
Partner let me upgrade you.
Audemars Piguet
Switch your neck tie to purple labels
upgrade you
I can up - Can I up - let me upgrade you.
(Partner let me upgrade U)
Partner let me upgrade U
flip a new page
introduce you to some new things and
upgrade you
I can up - Can I up - let me upgrade you
(Partna let me upgrade U)
I can do for you what Martin did for the people.
Ran by the men but the women keep the temple.
It's very seldom that you're blessed to find your equal.
Still play my part and let you take the lead Roll.
Believe me

Uh huh
I beeze the DBoy who infiltrated all the corporate
They call shots, I call audibles (as in football!)
Jacob The Jeweler bubbles, Loraine Schwartz oughta do
It's big ballin baby when I'm courtin you
I'm talkin spy bags, and fly pads, and rooms at the
And rumors, you on a verge of a new merge
Cuz that rock on yo finger's like a tumor
You can't fit ya hand in your new purse
It's humorous to me
They watchin and we just jottin, island hoppin
Off the Amaphi Coast
Mafioso, oh baby
You ever seen Saturn?
No, not the car
but everywhere we are
You sure to see stars
This is high level
Not eye level
My bezel courtesy of Audemars
I'll order your's tomorrow
Now look at the time I saved ya
Mami let me upgrade ya
Just when you think we had it all.
Big is car notes, collecting cars
Picture your life elevated with me.
Your my project celebrity.
I'll keep you hot in the streets.
And it's that little glimpse of light - that makes a
diamond really shine.
And you already is a star, but
unless you flawless then your dynasty aint complete without
a chief for me