# 186 deeR

Adoro achar brasileiros talentosos no Sl, fica a dica da loja deeR tem vários itens lindos e de qualidade a loja está disponibilizando essa calça mesh free e ainda vem com hud de cores.

Cap : Rerty Urban Store - Rerty NY Gris ( Mesh )
Bandana : EdelStore - Woman Hair Roxana Majestic * Mod
Cabelo : Fab-U-Lous - Chilli Black * Mod
Dente : Pididdle -  Teeth Add.On WIP Gap
Blusa : Action - Womens Slouchy Tee ( Mesh )
Blusa 2 : Coco - Polo Over Shirt Carmine * Mod
Unha : Love Soul - Colors Square Red  
Munhequeira : Cobrahive - Arm Warmers Short ( 10L )
Calça : deeR - Baggy Pants Multi-Texture ( Mesh - Group Gift  ) 
Tênis : Balkanik -  Magnetized Sneakers Tagada ( Mesh )
Cinto : Cobrahive -  P-Belt Studded Checkered ( 10L )
Rádio : Action - BoomBox Break Dance
Poses : Agapee - Male High Fashion 34 / Momenti Poses - Female Poses 69

Land : Tobacco Road
Ouvindo :

                            50 Cents ft. Ciara - Can't Leave 'Em Alone   

Yes one dose of me will have you addicted
To know me is to love me, I handle my business
Any city any town, touch down I do my thing
I'm a hustler baby, I provide by any means
I'm a great conversationist
You should know what I'm about
When you look at me baby
You should see a way out
Out the hood, out the drama
Out the bently that's on
Out the headache an stress
You done been through before

It's only been three months
And I already got it bad
So hood that I keep on comin' back
My girlfriend's tellin' me I don't know how to act
But I'm tellin' them "baby bye, fall back!"
He's so good and he knows how to love me
But so hood and he's so heavy in the streets
But he's my dude and you better get used to things
And I don't care what you say about me
They say...

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