# 192 The Rule

Cabelo : Fab-U-Lous - Camilla * Mod
Cabelo : [Leluka] - Cachet Pony - Pitch ( Mesh )
Hair Base : Remorse - Cassie Hairbase
Cílios : Maxi Grossamer - Wild Full Thick B  ( Mesh )
Piercing  : Ryca - Nose Chain JC Gold 
Brinco : Glow  - Little Cross Earring
Colar : Ameliarae - 24K Latvian Gold Necklace
Colar : Minor - Double Figaro Necklace Gold
Blazer :  Leverocci - Sleek Blazer Sand ( FaMESHed )
Vestido : Vive Nine - Linda Bandeau Dress ( Collabor 88( Mesh )
Relógio : Mandala - Cuff Gold Metal Hokusai Bracelet ( Mesh ) 
Bracelete : Maxi Grossamer - Bangle Athena ( Mesh )
Bolsa : Lethal - The Everything Clutch Pinks ( Mesh )  
Unhas :  Pididdle - Fireworks ( Free )
Anel :  LaGyo - Bonbon Ring Gold
Meia : Sheer - Sheer Dark
Bota : Gos - Storm Sandal in Black Leather
Poses : Agapee - agps ma152

Ouvindo :    
                  The Lonely Island Feat Lady Gaga & Justin Timberlake - 3-Way

Your mom says, "hi" - jinx!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah no no
Summertime in the city
And everybody's having sex
You know i just got a page from a girl that i met last week at the payless
 Shoe stores
I also have a cutie to call who likes the way i knock on her boots
Well let's help them back
Let's handle that
In two-to-six hours,
We'll meet back here and regroup
Now let's shoop
Roll up to her crib with some bartles & james
Hop off the buss with the alizé
Now hold up player, whatchu diggity-doing here?
I should diggity-ask you the same
And she sang
Hey, boys i want you both
I hope that you think that's cool (say word?)
I know most guys won't freak together
She forgot about the golden rule - a huh huh
It's ok to put us in a three-way
It's not gay when it's in a three-way
With a honey in the middle there's some leeway
The area's grey in a one, two, three-way
Normally, i don't get down with dudes
But tonight is a special exception (great)
See you're my best friend
Through thick and thin
Now it's time to make a triple connection
Lights off
Here in the dark (here in the dark)
It's so hard to tell (so hard to tell)
Where her body ends (la la)
And my homie's begins (ew wee)
This rule dates back (the golden rule)
To ancient greece (takin' about cesar)
We're two jack trippers and a chrissy
The new three's company
Fellas. get ready.
Doin' us a chick
Helicopter d*ck, go!
And all of that was ok
'cuz it was in a three-way
It's right there when you see the instant replay (boom)
Maybe two is enough
That's what they'll say
But we'll say, "hell no."
It's a one, two, three-way
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (the golden rule)

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