# 193 Now I can Breathe Again !

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Land :New York City
Ouvindo :              
                          Lorena Simpson - Breath Again

Let me get it straight
I can't stand no more
I'm counting seconds to
See you walk out that door
Baby you're no good
Think right now you should
Just shoosh and walk away!

I'll delete your files
I'll reboot my life
Have another start
Without the force and fight
Baby you're no good
Think right now you should
Just shoosh and walk away!

Every now and then I
Then I Feel my heart will be so strong once again
This time I'll be reaching the sky!
Free to live, live my life
Now i'm letting all behind
It's my time, it's my way
Now i'm strong enought to say
Oh, i believe in me, and nothing can't stop me now
Free to live, live my life, I'll give the best of me
Cause now I Can Breathe Again!
Now I can Breathe Again!
{ Minha Curica ♥ }

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Aiiii esse post é mt meu meesmo,adoro cantar ela em voz alta dando a louca sozinha em casa kkkkkkkkk
Vc é mt chique,uma pretinha mt da chique Deeus,babo mt na sua criativade,sabe dissoo né!
Te amo curicaaa♥

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