# 211 Soldier

Chapéu : Lethal - Vintage Army Mashup Hat Army Green
Cabelo : Fab-U-Lous  - Jayma Black
Ferida : Coca & Wolf - Tattoo Wound Face 1
Colar :Simple Things - Dog Tags Army
Colar : Armidi - Military Crop Jacket Collar Black
Blusa : Lethal - Cutout Crop Army Green ( Mesh ) ( The Swag Fest )
Ferida dos Braços : Coca & Wolf - Bloody Bandages
Cinto: Chaos Island - Female Recruit Outfit v1.1 * Parte do Outfit
Calça : Lethal - Army Fatigue Pants Leather Army Green ( Mesh ) ( The Swag Fest )
Granada : Chaos Island - Incendiary Grenade
Bota : Enelya's Creations - ABL Army Boots Basic ( Mesh )

Skin : Jesylilo - Gabriela Light Skin J6 ( The Swag Fest )
Chapéu : Sisu - M44 Crusher Cap Oak Wreath Black
Cabelo : Action - Brittany.2 - Nut
Obreira : [Lelutka] - Romper Dark * Parte do Outfit
Munição do Braço : Agp - Arm Belt Bullet Sniper 
Blusa : Lethal - Cutout Crop Ash ( Mesh ) ( The Swag Fest )
Cinto : Cpw - Sash * Mod
Calça : Lethal - Army Fatigue Pants Leather Black ( Mesh ) ( The Swag Fest )
Arma : Free Box Guns - Over 40
Bota : Wci - Cuffed ( 1L )

Chapéu : CheerNo - The Commnder Hair Surreal * Mod
Colar : Bedlam - Dog Tag Sculpted Necklace
Blusa : Leather Bound - The Wild Man Hunt Gift Urban Military Outfit
Mochila : Void - Conzpiracy BackPack
Faca : Primus Weapons - Samana Knife
Cinto : The Abyss - Leather Belt Black
Calça : Void - Camo Rave Pants
Bota : Hoorenbeek - Military Boots Loose Used Brown

Land : The Junkyard
Ouvindo :
                           Destiny's Child - Soldier
Hey (I want a soldier)
Well you got it, I'm the hottest around
They'll know it when they see you rollin' Impalas around
(I got a soldier)
With the top down, feelin' the sounds
Quakin' and vibratin' them thighs
Ridin' harder than guys
With the chrome wheels at the bottom, white leather inside
When them flames be spittin' at you, tell 'em don't even try it
To shoot it with 'Chelle, and kick it with Kelly, or holla at B
You gotta be G's, you way outta ya league

We like them boys that be in them Lacs leanin' (leanin')
Open they mouth, they grill gleamin' (gleamin')
Candy paint, keep that whip clean and (clean and)
They always be talkin' that country slang we like
They keep that beat that be in the back beatin' (beatin')
Eyes be so low from that chiefin' (chiefin')
I love how he keep my body screamin' (screamin')
A rude boy that's good to me, with street credibility
If his status ain't hood, I ain't checkin' for him
Better be street if he lookin' at me
I need a soldier
That ain't scared to stand up for me
Known to carry big things, if you know what I mean
Gotta know to get dough and he better be street
We like them boys up top from the BK (BK)
Know how to flip that money three ways (three ways)
Always ridin' big on the freeway (freeway)
With that East Coast slang that us country girls, we like
Low-cut caesars with the deep waves (deep waves)
So quick to snatch up yo' Beyonce (Beyonce)
Always comin' down, poppin' our way (our way)
Tellin' us that country girls the kind of girls they like
I know some soldiers in here (where they at?, where they at?)
They wanna take care of me (where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (where they at?, where they at?)
Don't mind takin' one for me (where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (where they at?, where they at?)
They wanna spend that on me (where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (where they at?, where they at?)
Wouldn't mind puttin' that on me (where they at?)
Hey, see cash, money is a army
I'm walkin' with Purple Hearts on me
You're talkin' to the sargeant
Body marked up like the subway in Harlem
Callin' em Wizzy F. Baby
Please save the baby
If you don't see me on the block, I ain't tryin'a hide
I blend in with the hood, I'm camouflage
Bandana tied, so Mami, join my troop
Now everytime she hear my name, she salute!

I like them boys over there, they lookin' strong tonight (strong tonight)
Just might give one the phone tonight (phone tonight)
Homie in the Dickies, in my zone tonight (zone tonight)
He don't know it might be on tonight (on tonight)
Ooh he lookin' good, and he talkin' right (talkin' right)
He the type that might change my life (change my life)
Everytime he look at me, my girls be like (girls be like)
That one may be the one tonight

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